National Poetry Day – Thank You Ten Times And More……

National Poetry Day – Thank You Ten Times And More……


As somebody who networks all the time

I thought that I would write this little rhyme

And share my thoughts on gratitude with you

Those two small words that mean so much “Thank You”

A written note of thanks can mean so much

It’s simple yet effective – a nice touch

A “shout out” at a meeting draws attention

Use Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn for a “mention”


A gift brings with it joy, that much is true

A little something sent from me to you

It needn’t cost the earth, just be well thought

Appreciation sent would be well caught


In business, write a testimonial

Or add to that and give a referral

Or maybe meet and share a drink or three

Then wine and dine and chat and be merry

Jo & Steve in Restaurant

Give support at meetings you attend

Make sure you always treat them as a friend

Remember them at Christmas with a card

Whenever you can, go that extra yard


A thank you needn’t cost an arm or leg

Simplicity counts just as much instead

Say thank you and be sincere all the while

And always give your thank you with a smile

Thank you card