Marketing for Businesses with no Marketing Manager

Marketing for Businesses with no Marketing Manager


Many businesses, particularly small or newly formed businesses, don’t have a dedicated marketing manager.

Often it’s the owner who undertakes the task of marketing the business, usually with minimal time and limited expertise. Whilst this can bring some degree of success, it’s sometimes seen as a loathsome task that takes valuable time away from the running of the business. For this reason, it’s often done only when they have ten minutes’ spare or, as is often the case, never.


A graph depicting affordable down one side and desirable along the other - a marketing manager is definitely desirable, though not always affordable

A common obstacle facing SMEs is affordability, insofar as employing a marketing manager requires paying them a salary and benefits. Until that salary can be immediately recouped through the results of the marketing, it’s often difficult to justify the spend. For larger, more established companies, this is often less of a concern with an additional salary being more easily absorbed into the payroll.

Delegation…that’s what you need!

Being a keen networker, I know many small businesses who use a multitude of support companies and I’m an advocate. Let’s face it, who has the time and knowledge to understand HR, accounts, legal stuff, IT, marketing? I know my industry inside out, but I’m not an accountant, nor do I know the law regarding HR.

Outsourcing is widely regarded as being key to any small business’s growth strategy. There are many different types of companies out there whose whole modus operandi is to support small, growing businesses. These days, everything from Accounting Services to virtual Personal Assistants are available for hire on a variety of suitable terms. These companies allow you to focus on what matters to you within your business, for a relatively small cost.

And so on to marketing!

The same goes for marketing – sure, some can get by and make a reasonable job of it, though others struggle. Plus, as I mentioned above, often it’s so low down the “To do” list that it simply gets left altogether.

Notepad with To Do List and the numbers 1 to 5 listed, with a person's hand holding a pen as if ready to write their list

Another common thing I hear is that “there’s so much work in, I don’t need to do any marketing”. Now, for those whose business can maintain itself without any marketing activity, great, but be sure you’re right. If you’re simply going through a purple patch, whether by chance or something more scientific such as seasonality, plan ahead. Work can soon dry up and marketing is rarely an instant win thing – it’s like a train. When it’s in its flow, it continues to travel forwards at speed. However, from a standing start, it takes time to get up to speed.

How to Outsource Marketing

Using a Marketing Agency or Consultant is a great way of making sure your business continues to generate leads whilst you work. Placing your marketing activity in their hands will allow you to focus on the business, whilst experts focus on getting your business new business.

Handshake denoting winning new business

They have the expertise to know how to drive sales / appointments and can bring in other parties if deemed appropriate. Whilst there is a cost attached, think about how many sales you would need to make in order for it to work. If the sums seem favourable, why spend time / money working through it yourself (and possibly “making do”)? Employing experts will likely pay dividends in the end!

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