Key Tips for Marketing your College

Key Tips for Marketing your College

Postal marketing is one of the best methods for engaging with young adults considering Post16 options or applying for college / higher education. However, any marketing is only effective if you have all the right elements and put them together.

Here at Data Bubble, we have years of experience working closely with colleges to help them with their marketing to increase engagement and ultimately drive up enrolment rates.

Here are our key tips for marketing to young adults considering applying for college:

Start early.

Keep in regular contact.

Make your content is relevant to parents and teenagers.

Make sure you’re using accurate, targeted data

We’re going to explain each of these tips, so keep reading to ensure you’re making the most of your marketing campaign.

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    Tip #1: Start Early

    Students think about their future when it comes to choosing their “options” i.e. time they select the GCSE subjects they are going to study.

    So sending an information pack at this time, is a great way of introducing your college to parents and teenagers and educating them about the Post16 options available.

    You have a lot of competition that’s why you need to set yourself apart from the competition and start early.

    Tip #2: Keep in Regular Contact

    Keep in regular contact with parents and teenagers.

    Let them know of any new developments such as new courses, new or improved facilities and Ofsted performance reviews. Invite them to open events, taster days and study days.

    These little touches ensure your college is kept at the forefront of their mind and the ideal place to go when they leave school.

    Tip #3: Make Your Content Relevant to Parents and Teenagers

    Many parents want to have a say when it comes to their child’s Post16 education options.

    So ensure that your content is relevant to both parents and teenagers. Alleviating parental fears and concerns is an important area to address, as well as appealing to the students.

    Create a good impression by using up-to-date photographs of the college, its facilities and students. This will go a long way to give your college credibility and professionalism.

    Make sure that your CTA is immediately visible and easy to follow.

    Tip #4: Make sure you’re using accurate, targeted data

    Using accurate, targeted data is crucial. Suffice it to say that the best marketing data in the world won’t make any sound at all if you’re not contacting the right people.

    As members of The Chartered Institute of Marketing and one of the UK’s leading list providers, we know a thing or two about how crucial good data is to a marketing campaign’s success.

    If you are wanting to target parents of teenagers in your area to promote your college then visit our College Marketing Services or please contact us today:

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