Keep a Clean Database and Don’t Miss a Direct Marketing Trick!

Keep a Clean Database and Don’t Miss a Direct Marketing Trick!

I’ve hit a new low. I don’t know what’s got into me. Ever since we moved into our lovely new offices I’ve gone all domestic goddess. A dust here, a vac there – I thought I had it under control but it’s back with a vengeance. Denial is no option – I have been spotted. . .

Damn you Steve . . .   And don’t believe a word of it when he tells you I was singing ‘a woman’s touch’ from Calamity Jane – It’s lies I tell you, all lies. . . .

Hmm hmmm  ‘she’s a wizard, she’s a champ’…


What? Where was I? Oh yes – the need to clean has reminded me of the need to keep it clean when it comes to data.


How Dirty is your Direct Marketing Data List?

Keeping your contact list constantly updated is a bit of a mammoth task. It’s incredibly time consuming, especially when you have to go through your records manually. However, whether you are business to business or business to consumer, it is a very important task to undertake for several reasons:

Relevance – Contact information changes all the time. With business databases your key contacts change roles, companies change telephone numbers and addresses or go out of business. With consumer databases, people move house, pass away or their circumstances change. Even simple input errors can remain undetected.

Cost-effectiveness – The corner stone of any marketing strategy is striving for the best possible return on your investment. If your message is not reaching the relevant person it is money, time and resources wasted.

Compliance – Sending the wrong message to the wrong person can be a real annoyance for the person on the receiving end. . However, more serious trouble looms if you are mistakenly sending your messages to someone who has registered with Telephone Preference Service or the Corporate Telephone Preference Service can land you with a fine of £6,500. Not only is that a costly mistake in monetary terms, it can seriously damage your reputation.

Clean Data is crucial to the success of Direct Marketing Campaigns.


Data Bubble’s Database Cleaning Service

We don’t want you to be picking through your contacts list, endlessly frustrated. We can help you get your data clean and help you keep it clean in a fraction of the time. Our FREE AUDIT of your database means we can advise on improvements and changes we can make to make your marketing communications more effective.  If you then choose to use the Data Cleaning Service, not only will all your records be updated and correct but also screened against the TPS & CTPS registers.

Clean Data helps you to:

  • Make your marketing spend more cost-effective
  • Improve response rates by only contacting people who are likely to respond
  • Reduce the risk of complaints and annoyance, thereby protecting your brand
  • Comply with data legislation

If you would like to know more about Data Cleaning please feel free to drop us a line. But for now – must dash – lots of cleaning to do! (I wonder if Steve will let me borrow his pinny?)


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