January 2015 Newsletter – Happy New Year!

This Month’s Newsletter!

With only 353 shopping days until Christmas (if my calculations are correct, which is seriously debatable!), may I firstly take this opportunity to wish all our clients, contacts, colleagues, suppliers and all a very Happy New Year! I hope this year turns out to be your best and most prosperous ever!!

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Data Bubble News Updates

Who’s That Girl???

New year, new haircut! That’s what I say!! And here’s the photo to prove it (taken on New Year’s Eve, in case you couldn’t guess!).

Yes, after many years of long hair, I’ve chopped it off in favour of a bob. OK, you may ask why, given that it’s January – not the warmest of months to be exposing previously unseen skin – nevertheless the deed has been done. I wouldn’t mind, whilst having it done, it was the lady cutting the hair that was crying more than I was!!! Hey ho – tough northern lass me ……

Steve, you’ll be surprised to note, has kept the same style……

What Has This Year Got in Store?

Well nobody can truly predict the future (not even the weather folks, with all their technology!!), though what you can do is lay the tracks to ensure your own future stands the best chance of turning out as you wish. Be this in your home life or your work life, plans are a great way to maintain focus on what you want, and this is the mantra Steve and I will be following this year at Bubble Towers.

OK, so we’ve had a little break, but any business owner will tell you that there’s really no such thing. You’re always thinking about the future (and often the past) and this does tend to transfer across into your personal life too. Sooo, we have taken our break and given thought to future plans both for us personally and for Data Bubble – these are now firmly rooted in our mindsets and we’re full steam ahead for 2015.

So what are your plans? We’d love to hear them – answers on a postcard (or an email)


And finally…the nights are getting lighter!

After what seemed like an eternity, the nights are finally getting lighter and the sun (what’s that, I hear you say) is rising sooner. This can only mean one thing – summer is coming!!!

OK, ok, a little ahead of myself there – but nevertheless, I’m taking advantage of the dark nights now. I’ve been gazing at the stars, even seen the space station (http://www.isstracker.com/), certainly enjoying life in its full. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve also sat back and relaxed some, as time off is time to recharge the batteries.

So, whatever you’re doing yourself, remember to take those time outs – they’re so important. Either way, don’t fall too quickly back into the habit of work work work – life’s for living, remember ?

Whatever your plans, whatever your goals, whatever your dreams……Happy New Year everybody x

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