The Importance of Good Timing

The Importance of Good Timing


Our blogs often give useful tips on how to ensure your marketing has the best chance of success.

One of the most important things we stress is the need to deliver the Right Message to the Right Person at the Right Time and Good Timing is an essential factor in this trilogy of tips. Recently, a couple of instances have inspired this particular blog, the latest on the subject.

Example 1 – An Out of Date Blog

I received an email blog from a contact of mine last week. It contained lots of good ideas to help with your business, which is great – the perfect email in my opinion……almost!

Good Timing is Good Advice, as this post-it note with the word Advice written on it demonstrates

One of the recommendations was in relation to searching for a company that supplies a certain type of product. In essence, it stated how you should make sure they are a member of their trade association. For us, for example, that’s the Direct Marketing Association (DMA), of which we are indeed proud members. This, it explained, would give you added comfort and protection. This is a great recommendation in principle, except the trade association given as an example no longer exists. It had changed its name some considerable time ago!

Example 2 – A Marketing Email

Today (13th July) I received an email, just after lunch, within which was an invitation to “Vote now” …… on who would be replacing David Cameron as the next Prime Minister.

To make sure I hadn’t missed anything myself, I immediately opened my browser. The first article that popped up suggested that Theresa May would be appointing plenty of female members to her cabinet. The second detailed her likely tasks as she enjoyed day 1 of her new role as Prime Minister! Nope – I hadn’t missed anything.

The Thing About Good Timing Is This…

The world we now live in is constantly connected and on the go. Social media is rife and in this age of mobile technology, events occurring across the globe are instantly available to read and get involved in. If you’re not bang up to date, then you’re behind the times and in the business environment, that can be fatal. People can see you as their “Go-To Expert” so you can’t afford to be anything but current.

Good Timing demonstrated by a photo of a watch

If, like me, you sometimes write blogs / articles / newsletters a short while before publishing them, you need to be a little more astute in order to avoid mistakes. At the time of publishing, ensure the content is still current and relevant and change it if need be.

Also, make sure that the companies and people you refer to are correct, plus the links you place in your article all work correctly. This is basic, but crucial to ensuring your readers enjoy your article as you intend. Furthermore, in the event that you’re making recommendations, it ensures your credibility is maintained, if not enhanced.

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