Do you want to generate new leads and hit your sales targets? Choose our Email Marketing Services

Do you want to send regular email campaigns but don’t have the time, or aren’t sure where to start? At E-Mailer, we provide you with quality-assured, GDPR compliant mailing lists that can help email become a key part of your lead generation activities.

Email Marketing Services

Do you want to do regular Email Marketing? Contact us for a complete B2B Email Marketing Solution

    At E-Mailer, we help you by:

    • Supplying you with a business data list, based on your specifications
    • Creating a template based on your branding, ready to send monthly emails using your copy
    • Sending emails to your business prospects, promoting your goods and services Email Marketing Services 
    • Providing full analytics, so you can engage with those who interact
    • Managing the unsubscribes
    • Prompting you to take action throughout your campaign

    Simply put, we send regular emails to your ideal prospects. This helps to generate sales for you, whilst allowing you to run your business. You enjoy the results of a highly effective email campaign without taking time out of your undoubtedly busy day.

    Email Marketing Services 

    Email Marketing Services


    Using our Five-Step-Process we can provide you with a variety of different data sets to ensure you get results, whether that’s a direct mailing, telemarketing or email marketing campaign. We use our tailored Five-Step-Process, ensuring that the data you receive is exactly what your business requires:

    Step 1
    Initial Fact Find

    Book a consultation to discuss your business, to obtain a clear understanding of your products, the services you provide, and your existing customers.

    Step 2
    Current Project

    Following on from the initial fact find, we will then discuss your proposed direct marketing activity, along with your goals and objectives.

    Step 3
    Data Research

    Based on this brief, we will begin to research the market on your behalf, saving you time contacting all the various list owners.

    Step 4

    We will present the different options along with our recommendations. We always aim to do right by our customers and want to provide you with the best data possible.

    Step 5
    Data Provision

    This is the final stage, where we provide you with the selected data. You can now begin to proceed with your campaign, using our data effectively to get you the all-important results.


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    Your needs are better served, since we're independent - we’re not tied to any one list owner.


    You'll receive options and recommendations, to ensure your campaigns get greatest traction.

    Peace of Mind

    You can rest easy, as all our data is GDPR compliant and comes with our no-quibble guarantee.

    Honest Advice

    You can rely on our ethos of “Honesty and Quality”, and we’re proud of our reputation.


    Businesses have increased their sales significantly with us. We deliver the right message, at the right time!


    As members of the Chartered Institute of Marketing, you can rely on a safe pair of hands.