Email Marketing Campaign Check list

Email Marketing Campaign Check list

Have you ever hit send on your email marketing campaign and then noticed an error?

Its not professional and it can damage your reputation. Therefore we have put together an Email Marketing Campaign Check list to ensure your email marketing campaigns are error free.


Campaign Details

  • Subject line – Does it grab people’s attention?
  • Can you read the subject line and preview text.
  • Check that the personalisation is working properly.
  • Check the ‘from’ is address correct.
  • Check that the reply address working?
  • Check the spelling of the Subject line and Preview text.


  • Check that the text is relevant and engaging.
  • Spell-checked the copy.
  • Check for spam trigger words in your email free tool
  • Check that any links or buttons work.
  • Tested for design errors – free tool
  • Make sure you have a call to action.
  • Check that unsubscribe link is working.


  • Ensure your email is going to the correct target audience.
  • Check that unsubscribes are removed.
  • Run through a spam checker


  • Send a test email.
  • Check the timing of the send.
  • Check that analytics set up correctly.
  • Follow up process in place.

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