Schools & Colleges Database

Schools and colleges Database

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Schools & Colleges database 

By using the Schools database of over 29,000 records UK wide you can now promote your products and services to this lucrative market sector, especially at this time of year when the new budgets are out.


This database ideal for all different sectors including…

IT & software companies, Office furniture, Office Stationery,  Printers, School suppliers, Catering companies, Playground equipment companies, Security companies, Cleaning and Pest control services, Landscape gardeners, Travel companies. Plus much more


The Information available includes:

  • School name
  • School address
  • School telephone number
  • Contact name
  • Email address – where available
  • Website – Where available
  • Number of Staff

This database is collected via telephone research confirming the name of the senior named contact on site – usually the Head along with the school type and the number of staff on site.

For more information or a quote then calJoanne Clayton on 01274 965411


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