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A case study for a local Training company

I believe that companies that conduct direct marketing campaigns to their ideal customers regularly and consistently do better in business. But don’t take my word for it…. Let me show provide you with a case study.



I was approached by a Local training company, Benchmark Marketing Services. They had a small database of existing business (B2B) clients, however felt they had gained as much business that they could from this and wanted to approach new companies to promote their open courses and gain new business.

They asked me for ideas as to how to target their new clients that could benefit from their services. They had a budget of £500 and wanted my advice on the best data available for this budget.


The Solution

As I do, I went through my 5 step process:

  1. We spoke about the business, products services and ideal customer for each product/ service
  2.  We discussed the current project and the proposed activity to ensure the results would be achieved
  3. I researched the market for the right list for their campaign – taking into consideration their full requirements and associated budget.
  4. Presented different options available and the pros and cons for each of the different options
  5. Once all the different options were taken into consideration the ideal database was provided

 So following these steps I had an understanding of their business, their ideal target audience, details of the campaign, their budget and their expectations.

Using this information I was able to provide a perfect list of ideal prospects, This list consisted of new business (B2B) records which also excluding their current customers and prospects.


This ensured they didn’t purchase data they already held – saving them time de-duplicating the information and money on purchasing records they already held.


All this for the cost of just £450, they were pleased to run well within budget.

The results

The resulting Business (B2B) list was to be used by the client for a targeted email campaign.

So a targeted email marketing campaign was put together and implements.

First of all the data was segmented into a few different categories, with an appropriate email message being designed and planned for each of the specific target markets. She wanted to ensure that the information sent would appeal to each of the different segments, making sure that she spoke to her ideal customers at the right time and at the right level.

The broadcast was conducted using proprietary software, each of the broadcasts were sent at the same time on a monthly basis with individual messages being sent to each segment. Throughout the year the data was regularly cleaned and updated thereby maximising the continued success.

Over the year the return on investment was constantly monitored.

Results being – over £11,000 worth of NEW sales was generated over the 12 months period.

This figure doesn’t even take into consideration repeat business, bespoke in-house training or referrals.