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Are you looking to use UK consumer data (B2C Data) to target your customers?

Data Bubble are the largest independent UK consumer data supplier. This means that we can help your business target your perfect audience. Furthermore, we will help you to reach people interested in your product and services. This is achieved by creating intelligent consumer data lists which are tailored to the unique requirements of your business. Also, we do not resell the same lists to different customers. As a result, your consumer data lists will be unique to you.

Most likely, you are on our website because you’re looking to gain new customers through consumer data lists (sometimes referred to as Consumer Lists). Therefore you will need to make sure your marketing campaigns deliver the right message to the right people as well as at the right time. In order to do this efficiently and effectively, you need accurate and targeted consumer data. Whether you’re wanting to send mailings, or run a B2C campaign, we will help you contact the right people.

Why is accurate consumer data important?

Inaccurate consumer data will prove a false economy in a number of ways. First of all, you are paying for data you can not use. Second, you are also going to have a low conversion rate, which will skew your analytics. In addition, you may be contacting consumers you are not allowed to because the consumer data lists have not been cleansed,

Make sure you are working with a Consumer Data Broker you can trust. Similarly, ensure they have years of experience in Consumer Data marketing as well as B2B Marketing.

Why Is Accurate Consumer Data So Important?

Every sales and marketing team deserves the best consumer data to work with. In spite of this, good data is often an afterthought. Inaccurate consumer data often means that targets are missed. Consequently, this results in massive frustration amongst company employees! Also, in relation to GDPR, you want to be confident that your consumer data is accurate and compliant.

Good Data Aids the Success of your Campaigns 
Each incorrect record represents a cost in both time and money. Consequently, your team will be wasting valuable time and opportunities. Conversely, if you invest in data, you are able to maximise your team’s time. In summary, make sure you’re doing it in a way that ensures better results.

Good Data Demonstrates Reputational Credence
Contacting the wrong person can be damaging to your reputation, resulting in an annoyed potential customer in addition to causing harm to your brand.

Good Data Ensures Compliance
GDPR places an onus on companies to maintain accurate records. Therefore, you need compliant B2C data. Besides making you look bad, not being compliant could also cost you money.

Why use a B2C Boker

As a UK B2C data broker, we care about you and your success. Therefore, if you succeed through the data we provide to you, which is good for our relationship. Also, we all want to work with people we trust. As a result, Data Bubble listen to you and get to understand your goals, which allows us to source the appropriate list for you. Like you, we’re human, so we listen, try to ask the right questions as well as providing the human touch. Therefore, we’re not about “DIY” solutions, and we don’t adopt a “one-size fits all” approach either. Last of all, we would rather build a relationship with you. See also our Data Cleasning service and our B2B Lists.

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Do you want to target your ideal customers? Contact us for B2C Data that helps you promote your business

    What Selections Can Be Made With Your Data?

    B2C Data can be used to target your audience in several ways. This is where we can help you decide what demographics your B2Cdata needs in order to match including some of the following criteria. Plus, you can also specify from hundreds of lifestyle options as well as purchasing behaviors within these consumer groups. As UK B2C Data Brokers, we will make your database work hard for your business.

    • Geographic location
    • Home Ownership Status
    • The Age of the data owners
    • Gender of the individuals
    • The data owners income level
    • Socio-Economic measurements
    • Interests and hobbies of the data owners.

    For more, impartial information on Data regulation, go to the TPS website or the CIM website.

    B2C telemarketing data

    Let us be your data partner and help you to increase your sales!

    Step 1
    Initial Fact Find

    Book a consultation to discuss your business, to obtain a clear understanding of your products, the services you provide, and your existing customers.

    Step 2
    Current Project

    Following on from the initial fact find, we will then discuss your proposed direct marketing activity, along with your goals and objectives.

    Step 3
    Data Research

    Based on this brief, we will begin to research the market on your behalf, saving you time contacting all the various list owners.

    Step 4

    We will present the different options along with our recommendations. We always aim to do right by our customers and want to provide you with the best data possible.

    Step 5
    Data Provision

    This is the final stage, where we provide you with the selected consumer data. You can now begin to proceed with your campaign, using our data effectively to get you the all-important results.


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