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Do you want to recruit more new students? Our college marketing services can help you reach your audience.

We offer effective college marketing services that ensure maximum exposure and exceptional campaign performance. We build a custom marketing strategy for your college based on your unique requirements to raise the profile of your college and help you hit targets. And even better, our services don’t cost an arm and a leg, because we know wise spending is paramount. We help you smash your targets whilst still sticking to your budget!

Nobody wants a poorly attended event, or to run a course for 5 pupils. There’s only one way to ensure that doesn’t happen – let people know about you! Making sure you do that though can be a terrible strain. This is where Data Bubble can help take that stress away. Banners and advertisements help to raise the college profile within the local community. But a targeted campaign ensures those who matter – your future students – see your college!

Do you need help to promote your events? Contact us for College Marketing Services that help you recruit new students

    Why Use Data Bubble's college marketing services?

    We have a proven track record in helping the education sector communicate effectively with their target audience. We can help you to:

    • Recruit and enrol more students
    • Attract parents and students to Open Days and College Events
    • Engage with the local business community to promote apprenticeships and business services
    • Promote specific courses and training services
    College Marketing Services

    Hitting The Target

    We understand that Colleges are under constant pressure to hit all their targets. Budgets are always under scrutiny, so wise spending is essential. That’s why contacting those who matter is paramount to ensuring wise budget spend.

    You can attract new students, and promote upcoming business events to a relevant audience, by using a targeted list. Our college marketing service allows you to plan your campaign in advance. This ensures you get the greatest return for your investment.

    Lots of colleges have benefited from using our marketing services over many years. They see working with Data Bubble as a shrewd investment. And we’re proud of our ever-growing College client list.

    So, make sure you invest your budget by talking to the right people. If you’d like some help to “take the strain out of your campaign”, call us now on 01274 965411.

    What Our Customers Are Saying!

    We asked the Data Bubble Consultancy to assist us in reaching a very specific audience through direct mail. We wanted to speak to parents of teenagers in our local area to promote our open event. They provided excellent advice and support throughout the process, produced the list quickly and dispatched the mailing on time with minimum fuss. We will certainly contact them again.

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    How Schools & Colleges can utilise direct marketing to hit targets


    Using our Five-Step-Process we can provide you with a variety of different data sets to ensure you get results, whether that’s a direct mailing, telemarketing or email marketing campaign. We use our tailored Five-Step-Process, ensuring that the data you receive is exactly what your business requires:

    Step 1
    Initial Fact Find

    Book a consultation to discuss your business, to obtain a clear understanding of your products, the services you provide, and your existing customers.

    Step 2
    Current Project

    Following on from the initial fact find, we will then discuss your proposed direct marketing activity, along with your goals and objectives.

    Step 3
    Data Research

    Based on this brief, we will begin to research the market on your behalf, saving you time contacting all the various list owners.

    Step 4

    We will present the different options along with our recommendations. We always aim to do right by our customers and want to provide you with the best data possible.

    Step 5
    Data Provision

    This is the final stage, where we provide you with the selected data. You can now begin to proceed with your campaign, using our data effectively to get you the all-important results.


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    What You Can Expect From Data Bubble


    Your needs are better served, since we're independent - we’re not tied to any one list owner.


    You'll receive options and recommendations, to ensure your campaigns get greatest traction.

    Peace of Mind

    You can rest easy, as all our data is GDPR compliant and comes with our no-quibble guarantee.

    Honest Advice

    You can rely on our ethos of “Honesty and Quality”, and we’re proud of our reputation.


    Businesses have increased their sales significantly with us. We deliver the right message, at the right time!


    As members of the Chartered Institute of Marketing, you can rely on a safe pair of hands.