10 reasons why buying email marketing lists is cost-effective

10 reasons why buying email marketing lists for your sales teams is more cost-effective.

Did you know that 50% of sales time is wasted on unproductive prospecting?

Sales teams are wasting time searching LinkedIn and the internet for new prospects, when this valuable time could be spent selling.

Here are 10 reasons why buying a mailing list for your sales teams is more cost effective for your business:

Increase Your Customers

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    10 reasons why buying a mailing list for your sales teams is more cost effective.

    1. Saves Time – Its quick, you could have a mailing list of 5,000+ contacts within an hour or two, freeing up valuable selling time for your team


    2. More Efficient – Your sales team need to use their time efficiently by building relationships, making sales calls and sending emails, rather than doing desktop research


    3. Increases Sales – Getting a mailing list that contains only your buyer persona ensures your team are concentrating on your ideal target market. According to research, 24% of companies gain more leads when they use a buyer persona


    4. Accurate Information – B2B data is kept up to date through various processes, including BT telephone file, gone away file as well as telephone verification calls. This means it’s more accurate than often out-of-date websites and directories


    5. Focuses on the right person – An email list contains the contact details for the person you’re targeting, so no more being passed around the company trying to find the right person

    10 reasons why buying a mailing list for your sales teams is more cost effective.

    6. Reduces Waste – A mailing list eliminates irrelevant information such as holding companies, regional offices and branches. This allows your salespeople to get straight to the decision maker


    7. Very Targeted – List owners will collect additional information when doing telephone verification calls, such as number of staff, import / export info, type of fleet vehicles or star rating of hotels. This means mailing lists allow you to really target your ideal audience


    8. Compliance – Various regulations need to be adhered to when conducting marketing campaigns, such as GDPR, the Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations (“PECR”) and the Corporate Telephone Preference Service (“CTPS”). A good data broker will eliminate non-contactable B2B data records and only supply compliant lists


    9. Protects your Team’s LinkedIn Profiles – LinkedIn is working hard to eliminate spammers from its site and will block profiles that are classed as spam. Using a mailing list will protect your team’s LI profile, allowing them to continue connecting with people they know


    10. Protects the Company – Many directories include a clause in their Terms and Conditions that prohibits the use of their information for marketing purposes. As such, using directory information may be breaking the law and cost the company financially and their reputation, whereas mailing lists exist specifically for marketing purposes


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