Data Cleaning – Make sure you contact the right person














Keeping your existing database up to date can be a really time consuming job – especially following a direct mailing campaign

So how can you make sure you are contacting the right person at the right address?


Don’t waste money sending unnecessary mailings to wrong addresses or to someone who doesn’t want to receive mail.

This not only wastes time and money handling the returned mail but also can damage your company’s reputation.

By cleaning your data prior to a direct mailing will ensure that you do not waste any of your direct mail marketing budget plus it can pay huge dividends for a relatively small cost.

So what is Data Cleaning ?

Data Cleaning is an electronic process of updating your existing records by matching then against marketing industry files.

Address Cleaning

This is where we match your data against the Royal mail PAF file of over 28 million addresses to update, correct and validate the address and postcode details held on your file.


This is where we identify any duplicate records ensuring one record in kept.

Suppression screening

We can identify records not to be contacts using the various Suppression files such as Deceased screening, Gone-away screening, Change of address, Mail preference and the business changes files improving the accuracy and compliance of your data.

Telephone Number matching 

By Screening and updating your telephone numbers you can be sure you have the most up to date telephone number available. Telephone number matching allows you to append a new number, correct an existing telephone number or verify an existing telephone number is correct

Telephone Preference Service & Corporate Telephone Preference 

This is a list of telephone numbers that have registered stating that they Do Not want to receive any unsolicited sales / marketing telephone calls – People and companies that have registered to the Telephone Preference Service(TPS) or Corporate Telephone preference service. For any telephone campaign this is a legal requirement in order to avoid potential fines and maintaining brand image.