Good customer service keeps customers

Good companies provide excellent customer service but the really successful companies provide a proactive customer service. This proactive service leads to an increase in business and greater loyalty.
Here are a few tips
Ask your customer what they want. Are you delivering the right service they expect? What else do they want? How else can you improve? It’s not criticism it is a way to improve.
Check the service provided and make sure that they are happy. It’s letting your customer know they are valued, listened to and cared for. Plus it’s far better to know and correct a problem instantly rather than an ex-customer.
Give them something to remember you by – Excellent customer service. Average service is about meeting the customer’s expectations; GREAT customer service is about exceeding it. Give your customers more than they expect, and they’ll return.
Offer alternative solutions to the customer’s problems. Two heads are better than one! It may also be that your customer hasn’t thought about an alternative solution. But by providing input it shows the customer you are working your best to help them.