10 Tips to Make College Virtual Open Events Engaging

10 Tips to Make College Virtual Open Events Engaging

As colleges respond to the challenges posed by lockdown, an increasing number are moving their open events online.

While nothing can replace the excitement of attending a live college event, it is possible to create a highly engaging and effective virtual event. However, with competition from social media and home life distractions, it can be challenging to keep attendees engaged and involved. As such, it’s more important than ever to ensure students feel connected throughout the event.

Here are some ways that you can create a truly engaging virtual open event.

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    10 Tips to Make College Virtual Open Events Engaging

    1. Create a Full Agenda with Exciting Content

    Plan your event and ensure you’re offering relevant and engaging content, delivered by interesting presenters. Keep your virtual open event moving forward smoothly and seamlessly. Display your agenda and use digitally timed sessions to ensure your speakers stay on track.

    2. Organise Engaging Speakers

    Give your speakers a human face to keep your students engaged and entertained. Mix up the content with PowerPoint, virtual college tours and videos. Have a host that can announce the sessions, create break out rooms, wrap-up sessions and give closing remarks.

    3. Promote Your Events

    Send invitations to local students in your area. Create a buzz on social media and the event website. This is a great way let students know about your event.

    4. Choose the Right Platform

    Make sure you use the right software platform that suits your requirements. Choose a platform that provides opportunities for students to interact with tutors, current students and other potential students etc. Make sure that the platform has the interactive features you need to create a memorable event.

    5. Live Q&A or Polls

    Create live polls and have Q&As to keep students interested and involved in the events. This allows the speakers to feel connected with the students and gives students the ability to interact during sessions. This will minimise the risk of audience fatigue.

    10 Tips to Make College Virtual Open Events Engaging

    6. Virtual Tours

    Have a virtual tour, or create a video so students can see what it’s like on campus and what facilities are available.

    7.Engage with the Local Business Community

    Invite local business leaders to your college open events. It’s an ideal opportunity to engage with local business leaders, for them to share their expertise and knowledge, and for students to ask questions about their chosen careers.

    8.Breakout Rooms

    Set up course specific breakout rooms that have tutors and student ambassadors in, as this will allow students to ask specific questions about the curriculum, just as they would at a physical event.

    9.Digital Prospectus

    Ensure a digital prospectus is made available to your students for them to download and review at a later date. Also make available any other information they may need i.e. campus map, application form, student support details, etc .

    10. Collect Contact Details and Keep In Contact

    Make sure you collect the name, address and email address of all the visitors. That way you can keep in contact with them and promote other college events, as well as follow up with the current event.

    These are just a few ways to get the most from your virtual event. Data Bubble are already working with several colleges by providing them with lists containing contact details for parents of teenagers and NEETs within their local catchment area. This is ideal for sending invitations and promoting college virtual open events. If you would like more information, Visit our page 

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