10 Steps to creating a successful direct marketing campaign. 

10 Steps to creating a successful direct marketing campaign to attract new customers

With some businesses on lock down and more and more people working from home, why not take this opportunity to plan for the future and create a marketing campaign.
Here are 10 Steps to creating a successful direct marketing campaign.

1. Set your goals – Know what outcome you want.

2. Identify your customers – Who is your ideal target market and how are you going to contact them.

3. Data – Make sure your data is clean, accurate and GDPR compliant.

4. Know your customer – Understand their pain points and know the solution your product and service provides.

5. Segment your data – Categorise into prospects, customers, industries, size etc. as one message may not suit everyone.

6. Content – Create content that taps into the human behaviour on an emotional level for each segment / sector.

7. Test – Consider A/B split test to see what works best. Proof read, check email links work etc.

8. Take action – Roll out your direct marketing campaign, considering timing.

9. Follow up – Make sure you follow up by connecting on social media and with a telephone call.

10. Measure the results – You’ll know whats working, so you can learn and adapt for future campaigns.

Im confident that we will get through this challenging period and it will make us all stronger. So use the time wisely and productively.

Plan for a fantastic future.

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