10 Reasons not to buy cheap business data

There are a number of companies that are selling cheap UK databases, the way some of these companies manage to collect all this data is via Data Harvesting. This practise is becoming more common so I want to give you 10 reasons why you don’t buy this type of UK Business Database for your direct marketing

  1. Legal risks –Risk non compliance of the data protection act
  2. Black listed – Risk the possibility of being black listed from your email services provider for sending out unsolicited emails i.e. Email that haven’t opted in for 3rd party marketing
  3.  £6500 fine – Risk a potential fine of £6500 for non compliance of the Telephone preference ( TPS ) Corporate telephone preference (CTPS )  services
  4.  Damage your company’s reputation –You run the risk of damaging your companies reputation as the information is not always up to date
  5.  Inaccurate Incomplete Information – The Company Names on the website may not be the exact legal name due to the fuzzy matching collection process and elements of the data may be missing such as Telephone number,  SIC code / number of employees
  6. Personal Email address – The email addresses tend to be info @ contact us @ enquiries @
  7. Not a comprehensive Business Universe – Not ever company has a website therefore will not be on the database.. Its not a true refection of the UK business universe
  8.  Don’t waste your precious time  – Don’t waste your time calling dead numbers or sending letter to companies that have ceased trading – Not all websites keep their information updated so the harvested information can be out of date
  9. Not cost effective – It can cost you a fortune up dating and screen against the Telephone Preference files so its not really cost effective
  10. Duplicated – Often companies have more than one website so information you could be buying duplicate company details which can frustrate your sales staff and annoy your prospect


If its seem too cheap .. then you know it cant be true !!!

If you want good advise on buying business data then visit my buyers guide